Studio19 Records serving our Fairfield bands and artists. We can help you with whatever recording needs you may have, whether you are making a full band mix or recording a solo part. We are located in Southbury, CT the perfect quiet location to record your next masterpiece We can offer you quality advice that can help you have a successful recording session, and the right equipment for your Fairfield band to play on. Reach out to us at (203) 702-4440 to learn more!


Our studio of professionals has dealt with every genre and are prepared with the latest technology to make your sound finished and professional. We can help fine-tune any home recordings you have to edit out any unwanted background noise.


Whether you're looking for custom engineering or high-quality instant mastering, Studio19 provides some of the best mastering in the industry. Distribute your tracks confidently, knowing that they were treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Full Mix

The Full Mix service will let your song get mixed and summed through all the analog gear we have set up in our studio. With no digital sound left after using the equipment, the individual tracks you send to us will be professional and radio-ready recordings with top-notch sound.

2-Track Mix

Our 2-Track Mix is for those artists who have already recorded a track with their home equipment and ready to take their music to the next step. Your track will be sent through our analog equipment which corrects any frequencies that are out of place. Once it’s finished it will then go through analog equipment one last time in order to complete the process.


Are you not a resident of Connecticut? No problem! Studio19 offers online mixing to clients who may not be able to make the trip. For more local artists we have our state-of-the-art studio nestled right in Southbury. Are you ready to rock your way to the top? Get the sound you’ve dreamed of with Studio19, give us a call and we’ll be sure to answer any questions!